Mr. Josh

Mr. Josh


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I have been a Skype based English teacher since 2011. I pride myself in being as far removed from traditional grammar teachers as possible. In fact, I avoid talking about grammar, unless there is a special problem with someone’s understanding of it.

I am skilled at helping students get over their fear of speaking with native English speakers and improving confidence for job interviews and performing public presentations. Further to this, I have helped write scripts and PowerPoint presentations, as well as translation work for websites and web apps for corporate clients.

I have always believed that any service should start with the client. So many English courses are tailored to the needs of the teacher, not the student. I work from the student’s needs, not from which grammar book requires the least amount of preparation from me.

I make extensive use of real-world materials in order to expand a student’s capacity to understand varied accents as well as colloquial speech. I strongly believe that if you see something you enjoy, you are more likely to remember it than reading from a grammar book.

 Unlike many other English teachers, I do not hail from an academic background. In fact, I had a very varied and different life before becoming a ESL teacher. My previous life has enabled me to be able to speak with students from all walks of life.

 Due to being born in The UK to mixed parents, I have a gift for understanding people from other countries. I have also developed my own tricks over the years for being able to selectively listen out for information. These are skills that I have been teaching people for most of my life. Only recently have I been doing it officially. I have been told by my students that I have a unique no nonsense way of explaining how English works.