Welcome to my targeted listening exercises page.

Many teachers will tell students to listen to Podcasts or narrated books to improve their listening and understanding. But the problem with this idea is that you don’t know how much you are missing because maybe you are not understanding things correctly.

This is why I started making my own listening exercise for my students back in 2013. This way students know they are getting the important information, because they have me to lead them down the correct path with the questions I write. After that, we would go through the questions during the lesson, and I would correct mistakes and fill in any missing information and answer any questions that may come up.

But now I want to offer this to more people, so I am trying a new format for a couple of months to see if it works.


1. Pick a video from the ones below. On that page, you will see a Word Doc. on the left called Questions. Download the question to your computer and open the file.

2. Click the link to the video which will open up on YouTube. Watch the video as many times as you want. The idea is to suck out as much information as possible from the questions and video. Please remember this is not a test. It is to help you understand.

3. On the same page, you will see a lower section which says Answers. Download the answers and compare them to your own. For your viewing pleasure, there is also a video with me going through the answers. In the video I also expand on my motives for using the video and fill in information that I left out for reasons of space.

If you have any questions or if any of the links fail, then please contact me using the contacts page here.


Next video will be. . . . .
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Lesson No.16
Bill Gates joins Ellen on her talk show for a quick natter.
In this short interview, he talks about his drives in life and his current charity work.

Lesson No. 15
In this video, we see Maria from TV Soap Coronation Street, getting a shocking surprise on her blind date.

Lesson No. 14
Tim Urban gives his very funny TED talk about the problems we all have with putting things off until tomorrow.

Lesson No. 13
Marques of MKBHD puts the new Bixby ‘Smart’ speaker to the test.
But it seems that there are some problems with it!

Lesson No. 12
Have you ever dreamed of sailing the world?
Meet Riley & Elayna, the couple who are doing just that on their boat La Vagabonde.

Lesson No. 11
Nicki Swift channel on YouTube counts down some of the actors who refused to kiss on camera.
Lesson No. 10
Edd China joins the guys from Car Throttle for the day with his record breaking 90MPH sofa!

Lesson No. 9
Dan Sperry performs his version of the vanishing coining trick for Penn & Teller.

Lesson No. 8
James Corden invites Rock God Steven Tyler to spill his guts or fill his guts on his late night talk show.

Lesson No.7
Will Smith takes you on a trip to the far side of the world, where he plans to face his BIGGEST fear in life!

Lesson No. 6
Former FBI agent, Joe Navarro, talks about how they use body language to catch ‘moles’.

Lesson No. 5
Lenny Kravitz shows us some of his pop culture collection in his Paris home.
Lesson No.4
Take a Tiny House tour with Jenna from
Tiny House Giant Journey.

Lesson No. 3
Dan Mace tells us about the story of BRU
A personal message from him to the unsung

Lesson No.2
Casey Neistat speaks with a BAMF
Hear Paul Degelder’s incredible story.

Lesson No. 1
This is Rowan Atkinson inviting you all to HELL!
But don’t worry, he is super charming about it!