Limited Offer

Listening & Understanding videos

45 Minutes


If you have come to my website, you probably know about my free listening and understanding video projects on YouTube. Maybe you have even done a couple of them. Well how would you like to do it for real via Skype?

You will get to see the latest creation fresh off the press. Which means that you will see it about a week or two before it goes public. You will get a personal insight into how I use these worksheets during lessons, and maybe even help in the editing and refining process. Of course, the biggest benefit is that you will get personal feedback on your answers. Not to mention that you get to spend quality time with me!

This is a limited offer. I will only be taking two people per week, so you need to be quick if you want to secure a place.


30 minutes 8€

Standard hourly 16€


Free form one hour meeting where you set the tone. This can be talking about what’s new in the world or more in depth subjects of your choice. No subject is off limits to me, and I am very good at playing Devil’s advocate in order to get a good argument going.

Many people use lessons as therapy, using the time to offload their worries to someone that is not going to judge them. I have been told many times that I would make a good life coach!

Business English 16€

People often come to me requesting help with the English they need for their working lives. Although the common term is ‘Business English’, I have helped people with language problems from such diverse fields as civil engineering, petrochemical, aviation, design, sales, pharmaceutical, banking & investments, Information technology and a lot of fellow English teachers!

My basic approach is different to most other English teachers. A traditional teacher will tell you what they believe you should know. I work the opposite way around. You teach me your profession, and I will supply you with the missing language you need. Only you know what is missing, not a random English teacher that probably knows nothing about your special skills and needs.

3X20 Minutes Per week 20€

Some people struggle to find a complete hour in the day. Others worry that an hour of talking to a strange man on Skype is simply too much for them.

If this is you, then how about three twenty minute sessions a week? As with my standard rate, you decide what we will talk about.

This can also be done using Whatsapp or Line if Skype is not available.

Interview coaching 35€ 3X One Hour

Are you getting ready for that all important job interview that needs to be conducted in English? Allow me to remove the stress of being caught off guard by the interviewer.

First meeting is an in detail revision of your CV and cover letter if you are sending one. This is not only checking the all important grammar and layout, but also that all the information is correct. I cannot count how many times I have seen a CV where the dates don’t match up or contact information out of date.

Second meeting is working on having your history correctly mapped out in your mind. I tend to find that it is useful to actually sit down and write out a script rather like an actor would have. This helps to prevent those awkward silences where you may find yourself franticly trying to invent an answer that may be a total work of fiction.

Third meeting is putting all of this to the test in a mock interview. By this time I normally know every detail of your life that may come up in an interview. This is also my chance to try and make you sweat with some very random and evil questions that I have taken from speaking with agencies and HR departments.

After an interview with me, the real thing will be about as stressful as having a warm bath.

10 Pack 120€

This offer is only available to people that have had at least one other meeting with me beforehand. The ten meetings must be used within three months.